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Music production

You’ve got a music demo, don’t know how to make your song a state-of-the-art hitrecord and are looking for somebody who does music production?

You’ve found somebody!

We know how to make your music productions sound as big as the ones you’ve heard on the radio, the tv, in the clubs or on festivals.

Our expert knowledge in music production:

  • We’ve spent a lot of time in testing equipment, comparing productions, experimenting and producing to get our knowledge that makes your music sound big.
  • We’re using state-of the art tools, synths and plugins (and we know how to work with them ;o) ). Your songs get equipped with astonishing arrangements, rhythms and sounds.
  • We’re working with professional musicians in case we think your song needs some acoustic elements (like drums, guitars, piano etc.)
  • We can tell you, how you can optimize your music / song(s) to make it sound better.
  • We can tell you how you can build and shape your hooklines to make your song(s) outstanding and recognizable.