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Wildcafe always was fascinated by music, electronics and computers. Driven by this fascination he bought his first music production software at the age of 16 and started to play around with it.
Immediately he fell in love with music production. He spent every free minute on his computer, making new beats and creating melodies.

He began to study, started working in a sound- and light-equipment rental company and became a “lightjockey” in a club.
He always was surrounded by music.

He knew earning money in the music business is very hard. Nevertheless he founded his own label and started building it up.
He started dj-ing, and luckily got gigs on some (big) events, in some (huge) clubs and kept on producing. In small steps and always with perfection in mind. Always looking for this goosebump feeling when playing, producing or listening to music.

It took him 5 years to take this next step: in 2009 he published his first own release “Wildcafe Does House – You Know”.

And another 2 years for the next release. From then he published 1 track per year.

In 2013 he founded a new project together with Dana Bright: “Dana & Wild” (
Dana & Wild travel the world, make music and videos on their journeys and post their experiences and travel tips on their blog. Both, music and the video, get released when they’re back again.

In 2014 he decided to dig deeper into the music business. He just wants to give his passion more priority finally. Something he should have done much earlier…

Currently he’s working on a restart. A big one. With new music, new websites, a new studio, new videos.
And a lot of passion about music. Stay tuned…


Agency: Power Productions Unlimited -


The artist

Nationality: Austria

Resident in: Austria