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Dana and Wild


When the enchanting songstress DANA BRIGHT and the music artist WILDCAFE met the first time in 2011 they realized that they have several things in common: they love music, they love freedom, they love to see the world and they just want to enjoy life.

During the Winter Music Conference 2013 in Miami. Dana & Wild decide to collaborate. Driven by their passion they start having fun and produce some songs together. They experience a very inspiring time in Miami.

Back again in Austria. An evening in a small city. Dana & Wild are watching the film “Bonnie & Clyde” with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.
Inspired by the story and lifestyle of Bonny & Clyde the idea for “Dana & Wild” is born: from now they will travel the world, find the most beautiful places and share their impressions with the rest of the world.

But instead of robbing banks and killing people (like Bonnie & Clyde) they will make music on each of their journeys and share their experiences, recommendations and adventures with YOU.

In their music videos they tell you the story about their impressions, emotions and people they meet on each of their trips. Just go to their website and enjoy some adventures.

Enjoy your life and be part of the Bonnie & Clyde of music: DANA & WILD