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About Phonic Fusion

About Phonic Fusion Records

PHONIC FUSION RECORDS, the label for electronic music, extends a warm welcome to you!
PHONIC FUSION was launched by Bernhard Dengler, a man with loads of fresh ideas and vision.
Founding the company reflects the decision to pursue his passion: music.

PHONIC FUSION’s aim is to establish as the name that stands for the finest in electronic music, bringing different sounds, music, genres and artists together.
We’re riding on a “wave of visions”, aiming to spoil your ears. We’re developing show concepts you will be overwhelmed of.
We’re exploring new ways of music distribution, new ways of music promotion, new ways of music. Always in mind to create the best listening experience for you.


Philosophy and styles/genres

The name tells you all: a fusion of sound, a fusion of genres, a fusion of artists, just the “PHONIC FUSION”.

PHONIC FUSION focuses on the personal contact with their artists, fans, listeners, journalists, djs and partners.

In terms of genres, we don’t want to restrict ourselves, we simply will release the (in our opinion) finest in electronic music, with a focus on the respective artist.
Here’s a walkthrough of the genres PHONIC FUSION moves in between: house (all genres), progressive house, trance, progressive trance, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Dubstep, vocal elements, acoustic instruments, techno, hip-hop, film scores (all genres), soul, RnB, pop, rock and jazz.



To stay in contact with you, our listeners and supporters, we’ve developed some tools to help our music reaching you.

Nevertheless we always need and want your feedback to optimize our services for you. So please drop us a line with your thoughts expressing your feelings when you’re listening to Phonic Fusion tracks / artists.